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Legal company "Miranda" offers legal services for legal analysts of Ukrainian legislation, both on specific issues that arise in the course of the client's business and activities of the alleged client.

Analyst (analytical work) - (from the Greek. Analysis decomposition) creative intellectual activity to extract new knowledge from the current set of information collected.

Legal analyst is primarily (in terms of practical view lawyer) analytical work in law enforcement, legal information and legal analysis.

Lawyers of the Legal Company "Miranda" provide legal services to the legal analysis of the current legislation of Ukraine on the basis of specific tasks Client.

Legal analysts usually held in the new emerging legal practices, such as legal support for science, technology and innovation projects.

Lawyers of the Legal Company "Miranda" have a huge legal experience in the area of ​​legal analysts, both in new directions, and existing activities within the existing at the time of the legal analysts of Ukrainian legislation.

Contact to attorney of the legal company "Miranda" for the provision of legal services for legal analysts of your question or the alleged businesses and you will receive a detailed presentation on the legal regulation of this issue in the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as other laws.

Based on the analytical study of the material disclosed detailed picture of the legislation, their implementations, is allocated to the legal and social content and are working out the most effective methods and forms of legal action. It allows you fully and accurately viewed from legal perspective life situations, conflict, to draw conclusions about the facts of reality, to make legal documents, give legal advice given by legal expertise, and identify business risks.

The basis of the laws of Ukraine, as well as any other state, make regulations state that regulate certain social relations within the state.

Legal act is a set of related legal rules on a specific issue or topic. Analytical study of the legal act may be required for its understanding and application of building legal policy.

Lawyers of the Legal company "Miranda" competently, completely and within a specified time will give you a legal analysis to your question, problem or line of business (both existing and proposed), with all the nuances of the current legislation of Ukraine.

In-depth analysis of legislation on issues of interest to our clients with regards to management of new areas and forms of business can develop the most convenient and transparent legal schemes of business, as well as quick and painless to implement them with all the possible risks and nuances.

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