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Legal company "Miranda" offers legal services for representation in the administrative court of any jurisdiction.

Lawyers of the Legal company "Miranda" are carried out by the administrative office for both physical and legal persons.

In the staff of the Legal company "Miranda" in addition to lawyers, specializing in administrative law in general are:

Lawyer (attorney) to work with the tax authorities (regulatory authorities);

Lawyer (attorney) to work with local and national authorities;

Lawyer (attorney) to work with law enforcement agencies;

Lawyer (attorney) to work with the customs authorities;

Lawyer (attorney) to work with the traffic police authorities.

The objective of the administrative proceedings to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of individuals and the rights and interests of legal persons in public law relationships from abuses by state authorities, local self-government, their officials and those of other actors in the exercise of the power management functions by law, including pursuant to delegated authority.

The administrative courts are appealable any decision, action or inaction of the subjects of power, unless with respect to such decisions, actions or omissions by the Constitution or laws of Ukraine set a different order of court proceedings.

Legal representation in administrative cases as a rule has following steps:

1. drafting the statement of claim (a claim petition);

2. compilation of reviews of the claim, the decision (statement of defense);

3. preparation of the appeal (appeal);

4. preparation of the cassation appeal (cassation appeal);

5. representation in administrative proceedings;

6. representation in the Administrative Court of Appeal (Court of Appeal);

7. representation in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine (Court of Cassation).

Lawyers of the Legal company "Miranda" have a lot of experience in providing legal services to represent the interests in the courts.

Some of the extended ones of cases which provides legal services for representation in the courts is:

1. appeal of illegal actions of the police;

2. appeal against the illegal actions of the tax authorities;

3. appeal against the illegal actions of Traffic police;

4. appeal against the illegal actions of local authorities;

5. appeal against unlawful decisions of local authorities.

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